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Mathias Schreiber [wmdb] mathias.schreiber at wmdb.de
Thu Apr 21 07:55:54 CEST 2005

Rainer (Rene) Suthoelder wrote:
> this would contradict kasper's intention for compability amongst the 
> extensions and t3 versions and would further blow up the repository content.

a) I don't think harddisk space is a problem, do you?
b) intentions are fine - facts are tough.
    I get a lot of email from people who installed an extension of mine 
which ran fine under 3.5 and 3.6 and now throuws errors on 3.7.
I stuck to all API functions so I can safely say that I did things right.
But still some API functions behave different now.
This is what I want to get around.

> - how would you approve a certain extensions? when all possible typo3 and OS 
> plattforms have been checked?

I develop an extension on 3.7 so it's aprooved for 3.7 only. Then I test 
it on 3.6 and it still runs fine so I approve it for 3.6 aswell.

> - do you want to maintain all the typo3 version-specific extensions 
> (patches, features)?

nope, thats for the developers (like I stated in my posting).

> not really, since it creates a big overhead.

where? server or developer?

> more suitable would be indicating _minimum_ requirements including version 
> numbers for typo3, typo3 modules, DB and PHP as well as all required 
> additional 3rd party software that is needed to run the extensions (the last 
> one is something that's not included in current TER/EM).

But indicating minimum versions ain't enough like a lot of extensions 
show that simply don't work with newer versions even though they stick 
to API calls.

> as we all know, production status is _not_ maintained well enough by the 
> developers and kasper should decide to _drop the reviewing process at all_: 
> out of the 840 listed/available extensions only 8 have been reviewed and 
> none have met the "cohiba status". if at all, perhaps the review process 
> should better be replaced by a voting system by registered typo3.org users.
>>Everything else would be "projects" and
>>would only appear when you expressly tick that box, like you select
>>"shy" today.
> this makes more sense: in the EM you should be able to select/de-select more 
> options: perhaps based on you environment (typo3 version, OS, PHP etc.) some 
> fields should be preselected/de-selected (like "runs on linux only", "needs 
> typo3 v3.8" etc.).

Above you just said you don't want to have extensions with version flags...
Remember: having version flags does not neccessarily mean you have an 
extension mor ethan once in the TER.

> and if you could select categories you are not interested in: fine, another 
> 300 entries less in the list.

well, that was basically what I was talking about...

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