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Michael Scharkow mscharkow at gmx.net
Thu Apr 14 09:25:08 CEST 2005

Robert Lemke wrote:

> In my opinion we should find a solution for the documentation site with OO.org 
> as the source and if that works, like Peter K. said, maybe in 1 year from 
> now, we can maybe switch to DocBook.

Okay, let's leave docbook for the sake of argument, because as Mathias 
pointed out, we might not need it at all.

> The question which remains always when we think about a combination of tools 
> like timtaw, DocBook and the Documents Suite is: What format is capable of 
> handling all our needs? Just imagine these examples workflows / situations:
>   - Write a manual in Open Office, upload to TYPO3.org, the TDR converts it to
>     PDF and  HTML

This is ugly (because most likely it involves having oo on the server) 
but can be done without too much hassle. +1 from me

>   - Edit an existing manual in the backend by editing ordinary content 
>     elements, export to Open Office and DocBook

This is really my main issue: 1. Who needs this? Why rewrite Openoffice 
in TYPO3? We don't write our extensions in T3, why should we write docs 
this way?

>   - Import content from a MS Word file into the TYPO3 page tree, edit one 
>     chapter in the frontend by using the timtaw wiki, export the document
>     into PDF and MS Word

This sucks as well. I don't expect this to work reliably given the 
almost endless possibilities to screw up a word (or oowriter) file. And 
this would require a complete interchange format which works in *both* 

>   - Write a manual by using the (non-existing) DocBook Editor Backend Module,
>     export to HTML, PDF and some custom XML by using XSLT

There's probably a good reason why nobody has written a docbook online 
*editor* ;)

> There are many ways to work with documents and my never answered question 
> since a two years now is: What format should we use internally so we don't 
> loose the semantics while converting between the different formats we need?

My answer: There is none, and it will be a lot of work to create one 
which can be spent better IMHO.

> I still think that the combination of Documents Suite, timtaw, TYPO3 BE 
> editing and DocBook is a killer feature - if we find an interchange format. 
> Maybe it's some XML application like the OASIS Open Office 2.0? DocBook? 

I think this is mainly killing developers' time. Sorry.


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