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Tim Franz tfranz at news.moleman.de
Thu Apr 14 08:30:25 CEST 2005

We used OpenOffice at work to migrate a documentation begun in mediawiki to
docbook. Worked pretty fine. (Copy and paste into OOo, then export as
docbook with manual finetuning).

A matter of taste is OOo's use of <section1-5>-Tags instead of nested
sections, which would be a lot more comfortable for random nesting of the
documentation parts. A search/replace solved that too.

After that only a little fintetuning for the media objects and code listings
had to be done because of the lack of HTML/Openoffice possibilities to
structure text.

A great benefit was the ability to link sourcecode directly into the
documentation - no more copy and paste or stale code in the documentation.
Some markers in the code plus an antscript to consider only relevant parts
can do it all.

And honestly: most documentation writers do not have to use more than
section, para and itemizedlist. The few tags more to add code, tables and
media objects are also easy to learn. Who can write HTML by hand can write
Docbook too. We used eclipse with an XML Plugin for editing and it worked


Robert Lemke wrote:

> As I already wrote: When I tried that feature some months ago, it was just
> not usable, and I don't expect that to change very soon. But of course we
> should keep an eye on it.

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