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Jan-Hendrik Heuing [NF] jh at netfielders.de
Tue Apr 12 12:34:47 CEST 2005

Performance overhead ist not an issue with Virtuozzo but with VMWare, which 
we do not use.

Example VM Ware: You can run 10 virtual servers on a hardware node, and the 
server is full and can not hold more. It just doesn't make sense performance 
wise. The other problem is, that those virtual servers do not make use of 
more than one CPU anyway.  I've seen graphs comparing 10 VMWare to >500 
Virtuozzo VEs, but anyway this is made by SW-Soft, but you get the idea.

Example Virtuozzo: We are running 60 virtual servers on an old dual PIII, 
which are basically small shared customers. If there are no requests, which 
is sometimes the case with those small customers, the server has got a load 
of 0. While there is a way of symlinks between those virtual servers (apache 
binary is only available once on the system), that is also available in 

SW-Soft is talking about overhead around 0.01 - 0.03% if I remember right, 
but believe me, there is none ;) Virtuozzo is a totaly different story, as 
it's not on kernel level, it's more an emulation of a server, which produces 
a lot overhead.

If you want some more detailed info, send me a private mail, and I'll search 
for some PPT.


"Peter Niederlag" <niederlag at ikd01.de> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
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> Hi,
> Jan-Hendrik Heuing [NF] schrieb:
> [...]
>> So, the idea was to also move those webservers to the virtuozzo platform, 
>> which we were already running on other servers. Virtuozzo separates 
>> between the real hardware node and virtual servers.
> Does anybody have any figures on how effcient such a "virtual layer" is?
> To me it just doesn't feel very good to have a highload-site served by 
> some "virtual-layer", being it virtuzzo or vmware.
> I might be wrong, but just want to throw in my "feeling" and would like to 
> hear some pros and cons about it from the "server-guys".
> [...]
> Cheers,
> Peter
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