[TYPO3-core] [Poll[ Integrate Speaking URLs in to TYPO3 CMS7

Dmitry Dulepov dmitry.dulepov at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 09:35:39 CEST 2015


Georg Ringer wrote:
> Am 2015-03-30 um 14:28 schrieb Dmitry Dulepov:
>> However it is a private repo at the moment.
> of course it is your choice but I don't simple get why you do that
> completly hidden.

I want to make a certain base for the code. If I open now, there will be 
lots of advises and questions because there are certain places in the 
code that seem unclear and strange but they are there because they will 
be used in future. It is better to put dummy things now than to rework 

I hope to open it soon and allow contributions to the project :)

Dmitry Dulepov

Today is a good day to have a good day.

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