[TYPO3-core] Branch for 7.1

Peter Niederlag peter.niederlag at typo3.org
Tue Apr 28 15:57:16 CEST 2015


On 28.04.2015 14:59, Bernhard Kraft wrote:
> Hi,
> On 2015-04-28 13:20, Peter Niederlag wrote:
>> Another idea would then be to fully skip separate minor level branches
>> and just keep one branch per major version (7,8,9,...).
> Sounds like a good idea. So branches for every major version and for an
> LTS release.

to be sure:

branch of anytime when work on 8.x is to be started. 7.x is the very
same branch for 7.0 through 7.12 being it LTS or not. But as soon as LTS
status is achieved the next major version (8.x) must be started on
master or it won't work out.

> The mentioned tag-workflow won't work if you have more than
> one commit: like multiple security fixes for one micro version update ...

You can push to tags whatever you like, commits don't have to be on any

git checkout -b tmp-sec-fixbranch 7.1.5-latest-tag
git hack/work
git commit -m 'finish sec release 7.1.6'
git tag -m 'backported sec fix for #3434' 7.1.6
git push origin --tags
git branch -d tmp-sec-fixbranch

If the argument is:
TYPO3 7.1.0 is just a cut of from the branch 7 development series then
it is perfectly reasonable to either
- not suppor this realease any longer
- add security fixes in terms of small commits which just get tagged
(get symbolic ref names) but are not published on any other branch than
the mainline developement branch, being it 7.x or master.


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