[TYPO3-core] FAL: connecting non-hierarchical file database with metadata in TYPO3 db

Philipp Gampe philipp.gampe at typo3.org
Sun Sep 21 14:18:41 CEST 2014

Hi Franz,

Franz Koch wrote:

> What's harder to fix is that FAL is designed around a hierarchical
> structure - but not every driver might be hierarchical. I had to
> implement an attribute based storage, thus no strict tree but only
> search criteria with multiple matches for the same files. While I
> created a fake tree based on attribute branches (attribute->available
> values->matching files) I had to inject a custom search/filter wizard
> for editors for better usability. The fake tree is quite a mess though,
> and the filename filters which are passed as callbacks to the driver can
> become an issue with several thousand files you have to grab upfront
> from a remote webservice and parse locally. Would be nicer to get a
> collection of constraints (like the query constraints from Extbase) the
> driver could parse and process or forward to the webservice/remote
> database for preprocessed filtering instead of local post processing.


> Another thing that bugged me was that I had to do extra hacks in the
> driver to fool FAL so that it doesn't try to grab processed files
> because in this case an Exception would have been thrown that the
> FileObject could not be created (IIRC). So I had to return FALSE for any
> requests to the driver asking if either the processing folder existed or
> not etc.
> So, to better handle this, local file processing should be optional in
> FAL, or at least not be relevant for creating FileObjects (at least from
> what I remember)

Yes, this part is completely broken - concept and implementation wise. See 
my comment for this issue:


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