[TYPO3-core] Different title tag when using "subtitle" field

Jo Hasenau info at cybercraft.de
Fri Sep 5 10:22:59 CEST 2014

Am 05.09.2014 09:06, schrieb Kamil R:
> I want to make this situation to happen.
> When I fill "subtitle" field I want to make something like that
> <title>subtitle field only</title>
> If subtitle field isn't fill then use simple title field and append
> custom text <title>title field - custom text</title>

You should ask questions like this in the typo3.english list (newsgroup 
or forum as well), since this one here is for TYPO3 core development 
topics only.

> Of course I can do this and write this custom text in the field but when
> I have many entries to edit it's wasting my time when I would make this
> happen upon script.

Anyway, here's a solution for your task:

page.headerData {
   10 = TEXT
   10 {
     dataWrap = <title>{field:title} - custom text</title>
     override.dataWrap = <title>{field:subtitle}</title>
     override.fieldRequired = subtitle



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