[TYPO3-core] After the LTS is before the LTS

Frans Saris franssaris at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 17:05:18 CEST 2014

I also like the proposal.

Certainly there will change some details during the ride, just like that
path that was set when the first LTS was introduced.

Tnx to all involved with this proposal.

I would say, go for it!

gr. Frans

2014-06-25 14:46 GMT+02:00 Martin Sonnenholzer <
martin.sonnenholzer at googlemail.com>:

> I like the idea of shorter development cycles.
> I agree with the "possible problem" of developers not working with the EAR
> versions, but that seems to be the same problem as with the old in between
> versions. I think this needs a rethinking in the heads of developers/
> agencies. In my honest opinion this is more of a pro than a con, because I
> like the idea of looking into stable snapshots.
> For the discussion with the versioning. Sorry I don't get it. Semantic
> versioning is perfect and the comparison with ubuntu is a little bit wonky,
> as ubuntu is more of a stable snapshot of libraries and programs that are
> all following their own versioning (mostly semantic btw).
> So conclusion I like the idea (including the versioning). Probably their
> needs to be a rethinking of deprecation  handling as I can skip a LTS
> version, but probably that's my decision as an developer/ agency.
> Also there needs to be a rethinking in the heads of agencies/ developers
> about the EAR versions as I expect them to be used less in real world
> projects than the current in between versions.
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