[TYPO3-core] After the LTS is before the LTS

Ernesto Baschny eb at cron.eu
Wed Jun 25 11:15:50 CEST 2014

Kay Strobach schrieb am 24.06.2014 06:52:

> in general i like the idea.
> But there is one thing i would consider.
> Current Int(dot)Int(dot)Int version scheme does not say anyhting about
> the age of a release.
> I would like to see, that we stick to sth. like Ubuntu uses:
> Year.Month-Patchlevel (the minus can IMHO be replaced with a dot as well
> to stay compatible).
> This version scheme directly shows how old a particular installation is
> (no need to remember the release schedule).
> LTS Versions can IMHO be appended with the Label LTS or simply defined
> to be released in a particular month or whatever.

The proposed versioning scheme was created exactly to minimize
confusion, keep existing known practices, and most importantly, to fully
support the well established concept of "Semantic Versioning".

See:  http://semver.org/

The major version means a "breaking change". This is understandable and
unquestionable by anyone. You cannot do that if you simply use years
which have no technical meaning except to understand "when the release
was done".

Ubuntu does not have this problem, as there is no real deprecation
strategy they need to follow, they can update any package at any time.
So semantic versioning would not make any sense to them.

With the proposal for TYPO3 CMS new release cycles we would keep all the
good things we already have (version compare, compatibility version,
extension dependency meta data, TER, etc).

The minor version number of will be an technical aspect of the product
which is not relevant to the agency, it's customer or the end-consumer.
To the market (also the downloads page, etc) it's either "7 EAR" or "7
LTS". That's all the user needs to know. The "real internal version
number" of the LTS will simply denote it's state in the semantic
versioning world, meaning that it contains all features, could have new
features compared to the last EAR, etc. If it is "7.42.x" or "7.99.x" or
whatever we could decide which time comes nearer to the release. I don't
think this is a blocker for the overall concept just yet.


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