[TYPO3-core] Question about extensionapi:fetch command of ext:coreapi

Stefano Kowalke blueduck at gmx.net
Mon Jun 23 09:15:16 CEST 2014


I have a few question about your expectations of the behavior of the
extensionapi:fetch command.

The command looks like that:

$ ./typo3cms extensionapi:fetch dummy

It is suppose to download the given extension

Current behavior:

For TYPO3 <= 4.7 it just downloades the demanded extensions by using
tx_em_Connection_Ter::fetchExtension() [1]

The command is not supported for TYPO3 > 4.7.

Questions about the new behavior:

Should the command only download the demanded extension "dummy" or
should it resolve also the dependencies of ext:dummy?

In the latter case what should happen with the dependencies? Were they
only downloaded as well or also installed?



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