[TYPO3-core] "breaking" changes in minor releases?

Christian Reiter cr at cNOSPAMxd.de
Tue Jul 22 10:09:52 CEST 2014


This would break for users, that rely on the fact that all files from a 
specified directory are inlcuded, not only txt and ts files.

 >>  whou would expect .doc files to be included as
 >> TS?) or security fixes, but mark every such change as breaking ([!!!])
 >> in the commit message, no matter how small such breakage would be.
 > -1 (.doc files are not to be expected, but perhaps .typoscript, .inc,
 > .ts3, .setup, .t-s, and a zillion other possibilities)

This is important to consider - the new code only includes ts and txt by 

But for instance on many desktops a *.TS file will, or at least used to 
be, opened as DVD video by default - therefore I have seen many 
instances of "*.t3s" used for Typoscript so that this filetype can be 
specifically associated to an editor.

Also you can use permissions by filetype to allow people to edit "*.txt" 
files (readme, documentation) but not ".t3s" files (setup, configuration)

In other words, there are perfectly valid reasons to use neither *.ts 
nor *.txt so this shouldn't be a change in a minor version IMHO.
(just upgraded several 4.5 sites with lots of *.t3s Typoscript to 6.2

best regards,


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