[TYPO3-core] Copyright-year in license-headers

Fabien Udriot fabien.udriot at ecodev.ch
Fri Feb 21 09:23:45 CET 2014

>> If you ask me, I would be for drastically simplify the copyright head
>> license
>> and go for something very minimalistic. Less headache!
>> Furthermore, this would be inline with the Flow project:
>> https://git.typo3.org/Packages/TYPO3.Flow.git/blob/HEAD:/Classes/TYPO3/Flow/Package.php
> How come the Flow guys did it "there way"? Do they already have an
> answer to our question? Or did they just act as they thought?
> I'm not a big fan of "Neos/Flow did it, so it must be good" without
> questioning the details. But it looks like a solution that might clear
> up the situation for us drastically (years, size of header in general, ...).

Well, I would not be able to say the exact reasons as I was not part of the decision but I guess it
was to stay practical. Whenever having a collaborative and community approach how can you be sure
the author name is consistent? I mean, it could be the class was so refactored that the copyright
does not reflect any more the real ownership. And then, what is the percentage of change / patching
when you are supposed to add you name as author or co-author?  All these questions that are pretty
much fruitless. I personally feel the copyright belong to the TYPO3 CMS team and community and that
I am morally part of it whenever I am submitting code. That being mentioned once in while is enough
for me.

If the author name still sounds as necessary by the "laywers" ;) , we could take inspiration by the
Symfony project https://github.com/symfony/symfony/blob/master/src/Symfony/Component/Yaml/Yaml.php.
As a matter of taste, I find it elegant to point to the LICENSE file.

To move forward on this delicate (and endless) question, we could set up a quick poll / voting as it
was done previously for other CGL questions. I think it is an efficient way to solve the matter. The
alternatives I see:

* Don't touch anything and keep it as it is.
* Keep it almost as it is but remove the date from the copyright.
* Move towards a stripped copyright
* Move towards a stripped copyright + author name
* Move towards a stripped copyright + author name + year

Before starting the poll, I would put the license header somewhere on-line to get the feeling how it
will look like eventually.

Have a nice day,


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