[TYPO3-core] Copyright-year in license-headers

Michael Schams typo3ml at schams.net
Wed Feb 19 13:12:34 CET 2014

Based on the feedback so far, I would say, our options are:

1) mass-update of all files, except files under "contrib/" (same as last 
year, according to http://forge.typo3.org/issues/46370 )

2) drop the "copyright year" from the header altogether (which seems to 
be legitimate according to Jigal's link [1])

3) update the copyright year of files, where the last change happened 
*this* year (sounds a little bit complicated)

All three options are legitimate (Stefan from the Licensing Team should 
correct me, if I am wrong :-) Are there any other options we missed?


[1] http://www.copyrightlaws.com/copyright-basics/copyright-notice-year/

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