[TYPO3-core] Changing behavior of the TEXT cObject

Ernesto Baschny ernesto.baschny at typo3.org
Thu Feb 6 10:10:30 CET 2014

François Suter schrieb am 06.02.2014 09:08:
> Hi all,
> Christopher (from the Doc Team) has proposed to clean up the TEXT
> cObject to make it behave like other cObjects. His patch [1] would throw
> a deprecation warning when root-level properties of the TEXT object are
> used, except "stdWrap". This makes behavior of all cObjects consistent.
> In the patch review, Benni objected that the HTML object was deprecated
> because of its behavior and now we would make the TEXT object behave
> like the old HTML object.
> Personally I think that making the TEXT object consistent with other
> cObjects is a good idea. The HTML object was deprecated not because of
> its behavior but because it was redundant.
> I think it's a nice clean up to introduce in the next LTS, but I would
> like to have more opinions on the topic.

On one side I understand that it is technically not so beautiful and
makes the documentation of it doesn't look so pretty. And we could also
argue that it has been deprecated (in the documentation) for ages already.

On the other side, I must confess that I like the current TEXT behavior,
as it makes the TypoScript more compact. And we should also consider
that it has been like that for ever and nobody ever complained about it.
The core is not beautiful, but those are just some tiny lines of code.
We have plenty of much worse lines of code out there. Why change here?

Apart from that, changing css_styled_content completely to support this
new way would render plenty of custom +ext templates unusable, as you
have to find all the TEXT objects you are manipulating and add a "stdWrap".

i.e. this:


would have to be change in the core to this:



So my current gut feelings is that we should not change this, as the
gain is too little compared to the drawbacks (of having everybody to

But I am interested in more opinions and arguments here because my
preference is more or less on the edge.


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