[TYPO3-core] (New) TYPO3 CMS Vision

Alex Kellner alexander.kellner at einpraegsam.net
Mon Aug 25 23:17:26 CEST 2014

Here are my short thoughts about TYPO3 CMS and how to set some USP against other CMS or Neos. In my opinion it's getting harder and harder to sell TYPO3 - no wonder it's an oldie but goldie. 
But it should be possible to change course of the sedate "oil-tanker" TYPO3 CMS with some important modifications.

* Stay competitive against other CMS
** Doing a great backend UX redesign (to be competitive to other CMS) - it must be possible to use a smartphone or tablet pc and login to backend. Some basic changes can enable a sexy backend without reinventing the wheel.
*** Some clients told us "Ahh, TYPO3 is the CMS with the small, ugly icons in Backend - we don't like it"? - it's definitifly time for a modern Backend Facelift
*** Why is it not possible to hide records via AJAX without a page reload - that could be a no-brainer. But in general we should decrease the page reload after backend actions.
*** It should be possible to drag and drop a pagecontent from one page to another. An good example is the pagetree in backend. You can use it via drag and drop, or double click to rename, etc...
*** Per default non-often-used fields in backend (e.g. fields like "Mark as 'New' Until" - I don't know anyone who ever take care of this field) should be disabled. Newcomers and customers should get a fancy feeling, when they login the first time
*** I think it's also time to think about a new RTE-concept. It should be possible to save a markdown instead of HTML-Tags to database (what if you want to change the FE-output from h1.xyz to h2.abc, etc...)
*** HTML should be stored in HTML-Files in future. I think we should think about a replacement of css_styled_content to something like fluid_content
** FCE to core (and the discussion should not focus too much on technical details). A modern CMS enables a flexible "table" layout for editors
** Linkhandler to core (it should be possible to link e.g. to a news-detail-page)
** I know that extbase is just an extension and different to Flow, but AOP would do a step into an enterprise technic
** A Routes.yaml could replace realurl/cooluri
** Don't focus too much on Neos/Flow technology (e.g. Frontend Edit) - we don't want to have Neos as competitor. In addition most customers don't care about the code behind TYPO3 - the biggest obstacle is the design :(

* Marketing
** Focus on security
** stability
** scalability
** Enterprise installations

* In general
** An "Appstore" beside the TER can offer secured and validated extensions or packages, which have their price (revenue can be splitted to Association/Extension Author)
** Sponsors should get Leads from the Association

Cheers, Alex

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