[TYPO3-core] (New) TYPO3 CMS Vision

Mathias Schreiber mathias.schreiber at wmdb.de
Thu Aug 21 18:06:40 CEST 2014

Quote: Felix Kopp (7elix) wrote on Thu, 21 August 2014 13:15
> + Easy HTTPS set-up

yes please.

> + Easy Routing

URL rewriting should be available via the core (let's be honest... who does NOT have rewrites?).
A simple API to hook into and register rewrite beyond the extbase scope would surely make things a LOT easier.

> + "Site packages" or "Themes"

Good marketing impact. Joey's on that one AFAIK.

> + Easy CDN integration

Including this as a post-processing function should be simple. +1 from me.

> + Bring all necessary viewhelpers

While in general I agree I think this should be pluggable.
If you use...say...foundation you want to be able to re-register custom handlers.
I'd favour this over someone saying "we use jquery-ui all the way".

> + Easier Flexform integration

Hell yes.

> + Easy Piwik/Google Analytics

Templates in general are (and IMO should) not be editable for editors.
But having these in page properties sounds good for me.

> + Improve Locale/Language

See my other post.

> + BaseURL

absRefPrefix could default to / and can be overridable.
+1 from me.

> + Closed user area / felogin

+1 in general, but legal issues should be thought about the defaulting things.

> + Multi channel and medium

RWD grid support would be cool.

> + Fluid page template standard


> + How should users develop?

Hehe... ask 10 people, get 12 opinions.
But in general, I agree.

> + Overwork CSC / tt_content typoscript

I'd go further and say drop CSC and replace with smart fluid templates.
Seems more straight forward to new users.

> + Self-explaining erros


> + Less reloads in the backend

I'd argue that having too much JS reload things will scale really bad on terminal servers.
I'd opt for more reloads since modern browsers are so fast rendering plain stuff :)

> + Customizable backend

Amen to SCSS.

> + Backend LiveSearch

No real opinion on that one.

> + Social CMS

Interesting approach.

> + Copy/Paste


> + Multi-lange editing

Having something like this A/B view in workspaces maybe.

> + Introduction distribution

no opinion

> + Facebook app / Microsite / One-Pager distribution

no opinion

> + Easy EID or AJAX

I don't get that one.

> + Easy sprite generator in the frontend

Frontend integration should be part of the...well...integrator.
I don't want TYPO3 fiddling around in my SCSS, JS or whatever.

> + Standard for XLIF/XML

THis means reducing the amount of extensions.

> + State of the art content elements

Umm, ugly, but true.
We didn't really change the CE list since.... well... ever? :)

> + Standard task center/dashboard


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