[TYPO3-core] (New) TYPO3 CMS Vision

Gernot Schulmeister gernotschulmeister at gmx.at
Wed Aug 20 23:33:50 CEST 2014

Hello Oliver,

thank you for your feedback.  :-) Here are my answers to your questions:

> Is this "community to community" idea maybe related to a missing
> research & development group inside the TYPO3 community?

Yes, maybe you can cover this topic with a research & development group which is also responsible for some market analysis

> > 3. We should also not forget to have a look on other programming
> > languages and technologies, so that TYPO3 cannot be replaced by other
> > new products so easily.
> Can you please explain that a bit more?

I am always a little bit afraid that TYPO3 might be replaced by an other, simply better technology within short time like the tapes were replaced by CDs and the CDs by MP3 or the fax by email. So I think it will always be good to keep an eye on that or even better to create a technology which is able to spread quickly and replace others. Also this topic might be covered by the research & development group.

> > 4. We should make market opening innovations which will provide TYPO3
> > more jobs, contributors, projects and popularity. Regarding this I have
> > the vision to provide TYPO3 with a very simple frontend and backend
> > surface which works also easily on smart phones with a very small
> > bandwith or temporarily no internet connection at all. If we succeed in
> > this, we could reach the huge markets in the third world countries. The
> > villages, schools, hospitals and other organisations and companies in
> > Africa, India, or in the Rain forest of Brasil could use TYPO3 for
> > providing information on their websites.
> I'm rephrasing this to "reduced/simplified and mobile ready content
> management", ok?

Yes you can summarise this like that :-)

Maybe it should also be clarified, why a vision is necessary and what will be the task of the vision. I think one task could be that the objectives of TYPO3 are more important for the contributors than their individual targets regarding TYPO3.  Therefore it is always good to find something as a vision where people can easily identify with. It is said people are more motivated, when they think they do something good, which solves problems and could make other people happy or the world even a little better, what do you think?

with best regards


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