[TYPO3-core] Browser version support for next LTS

Xavier Perseguers xavier at typo3.org
Sat Aug 16 09:14:48 CEST 2014

Hi Jigal,

> A few concrete examples:
> - until now systems have been made to "remember" as much as possible.
> The ForgetIT project is exploring the concept of machines forgetting
> information. Google recently faced the need to forget information upon
> request. I wouldn't be surprised if the teams behind solr and lucene are
> already pondering about this concept
> - semantic markup is slowly being used; html5 has some implementation
> for it and the concept is being discussed for some years. Before the
> exact standards are known we could at least see what the impact for CMS
> would be and in which way it would be possible to have support for this.
> Can an RTE based on browser editable content support this or is an
> alternative editor necessary? And so on
> These are all things that need to be done without producing a single
> line of code. Concepts, trends,... vision.
>> For the frontend part, there is not much we can do further (except some
>> mobile/responsive helpers) and the backend mainly lacks a consistent API.
> The frontend lacks a good video element (perhaps two; one that can
> easily embed online videos and one that follows the most strict
> accessibility guidelines). Frontend output is mainly usable for HTML/XML
> and can do a bit of JSON. To communicate better with other systems it
> needs to be more flexible and support more formats somehow.
> More conditions for rendering content elements (device / user properties
> / other).
> The backend needs an overhaul. It's not suitable for touch devices.
> Editors need to be able to work with less clicks. It needs to be more
> adaptable for the needs for various people (editors / integrators /
> developers).
> [...]

That's a good methodology on how to get a "vision" for TYPO3 CMS, thanks
for sharing.


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