[TYPO3-core] Bypass version compatibility check in 6.2 extension manager

Franz Holzinger franz at ttproducts.de
Fri Nov 15 09:53:39 CET 2013

Hello Xavier,

Le 15. 11. 13 08:33, Xavier Perseguers a écrit :
>> Then every user could see if a version of an extension runs under TYPO3
>> 6.2. And the extension author could be informed by email and still
>> continue his sleep.
> This is specially something we want to prevent, the way dependency
> constraints work is an easy way to force an extension author to be awake
> at least once every about 6 months, see if its extension still runs
> under the new version, fix if needed and upload a new version making it
> clear that *the extension is still supported*.

I think that a solution should be found for the case, when an extension 
author simply does nothing and others users want to upload a modified 
version into TER which will work under the most current TYPO3 version.

> However people at t3o decided to do it another way and kept the upper
> limit test constraint but not the lower one, allowing anyone to still
> upload updates for a totally outdated extensions making it "maintained
> but outdated". Must say, I don't like it.

This will lead to a situation where TYPO3 users will stay with e.g. 
TYPO3 4.5 for much longer than the 1 year until it is still supported. 
It would be better to enlarge the support time for TYPO3 4.5 by one or 
two more years than to allow the upload of an outdated but still 
maintained extension. This extension might run up to TYPO3 4.5 and is 
uploaded to TER in January 2016. This upload should be forbidden to that 
date. Otherwise it would be confusing and unsecure. And extension 
authors would continue their laziness to support the newer versions of 

> To go back to subject, we have a possible discrepancy between will of
> extension author to support a newer (or older - e.g., realurl with PHP
> 5.2) version of TYPO3, PHP, extension X or Y and the fact that it may
> actually "work". By preventing people from installing/loading such an
> extension anyway, w/o taking constraints as a hard restriction, we do
> not address real life scenario where reality is slightly different than
> theory and perfect timeline. Not speaking (again) about upcoming
> versions (-dev) where until beta1 there is *no* way to make a 3rd-party
> officially compatible except switching from official TER release to the
> git/svn repository, *when it is possible at all*.

I propose to allow extensions which support versions until TYPO3 6.1 
also under TYPO3 6.2 alpha - 6.2 RC. This makes it easier for the 
testers to try out their websites under the first TYPO3 6.2 development 
versions. The Install Tool and Extension Manager should warn about 
outdated extension during the update to TYPO3 6.2. But it still should 
be allowed to ignore this warning and to use an outdated extension.

- Franz

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