[TYPO3-core] Bypass version compatibility check in 6.2 extension manager

Steffen Gebert steffen.gebert at typo3.org
Thu Nov 14 15:32:09 CET 2013

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Loek, I agree with you here. I had the pleasure to work with a TYPO3
web site this week (after not doing this for a while) and running 6.2
and downloading extensions is really annoying.

Given the fact that most extensions are still compatible, there should
be really a way to use them.

btw. I went to typo3.org and downloaded the extensions, then uploaded
it with the EM.

Kind regards

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On 14/11/13 15:23, Loek Hilgersom wrote:
> Hi all,
> While test-driving 6.2-dev I'm running into the new compatibility
> check in the extension manager. It refuses to install extensions
> which do not have explicit 6.2 support in ext_emconf.php, and
> therefor there are very few extensions which can be installed at
> all.
> Normally I would download AND install the extension in my 
> dev-environment to test if it works. If it would break the
> installation I would de-install and remove, or fix the code and
> re-install.
> I would expect a warning, and maybe refuse to install without
> prior warnings, but now I can not even download it to fix it
> myself. Trying out older extensions gets really annoying this way,
> because I'd first have to figure out where the git or
> svn-repository is - if it exists at all - and otherwise download
> the extension in some older TYPO3-installation, or some other
> lengthy procedure.
> Also, if the extension manager refuses to even download older 
> extensions, there is no point in showing them either.
> I think it should just present a severe warning before allowing you
> to install older extensions, or at least download them. There could
> also be an install tool option that would allow this behaviour, so
> that it the default remains as it is now.
> What do you think? Or did I miss something?
> Loek
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