[TYPO3-core] Extbase validation, lazy loading and performance

Nicolas de Haen typo3 at ndh-websolutions.de
Fri Nov 8 10:17:01 CET 2013

Hi Helmut,

here my feedback:

>> It loops recursive through the whole model and calls properties for
>> validation, which were not called in 6.1.5 (they are annotated as @lazy).
> So far, this is expected behaviour I would say.

Yes, but this is a breaking change which requires modifications in 
almost all existing extbase extensions, build with versions < 6.2, since 
show and list actions need an ignorevalidation annotation to prevent the 
recusive validation

> That is very easy to fix by annotating @ignorevalidation for your show
> action.

Unfortunately this does not work at the moment. If you pass an object as 
argument to an action, it will always get an GenericObjectValidator as 
BaseValidator, even if you annotate the method with @ignorevalidation. 
The only way to prevent that, would be an @ignorevalidation annotation 
in the objects class definition, but that's of course no solution.

>> I think there is a high demand anyway, to have an up-to-date, best
>> practice example for an extbase extension/package.
>  > PS: sugestion for the package: maybe a bit complexer than the blog
>  > example, what about a football package with teams, players, competitions
>  > and example data?
>  > FC Bigfoot would be back again!
> That would indeed be great.

Ok, come on soccer fans in th community, go ahead!


Nico de Haen
ndh websolutions

Webprogrammierung, OpenSource, Typo3


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