[TYPO3-core] ReStructured Text in the TYPO3 backend

Michael typo3ml at schams.net
Sun May 26 13:12:12 CEST 2013

On 24/05/13 20:45, François Suter wrote:

> a dedicated module seems the way to go. It could be called
> "documentation" or "library" (although both keys are already registered;
> "documentation" can be found in TER, last update in 2006; "library" is
> not public).

I have assumed, the "Docs in TYPO3 BE" aims for (please correct me, if I 
am wrong):

(1) having manuals of installed extensions available in the BE
(2) having manuals of system extensions available in the BE
(3) having official TYPO3 docs (e.g. references, guides, etc.) in the BE
(4) having reference files (e.g. NEWS.txt or INSTALL.txt) in the BE

The target audience of (1), (2) and (3) are not only TYPO3 Integrators, 
but also "normal" editors (e.g. if someone struggles how to use a 
specific FE extension). These three doc types in the BE would possibly 
also reduce support requests from end-users (they can look it up 

A nice side effect with (1), (2) and (4) is, that they are already 
locally available: in the "Documentation/" folder of the extension(s) or 
(looking at (4)) somewhere else (to be specified).

(3) is the only component, that possibly needs to be downloaded from a 
remote server or repository, right?

In regards to naming... we are talking about an extension key and a 
"name" in general, correct? So, for example "name" used in a menu in the 
BE. "Documentation" sounds ok to me. Another option could be "Manuals" 
for example. Maybe better for end-user, editors, etc.

> Please continue to express yourselves on this topic.
> Based on further remarks I would propose to start drawing a first a plan
> and gather more feedback from the community based on this.

Sorry, maybe I missed something, but I am not sure, if we really need a 
remote service at day 1. I mean, a ReST-to-HTML converter (ideally in 
PHP only) is essential but why not focusing on rendering ReST docs which 
are already locally available (in the TYPO3 instance)?

Adding a remote service (in order to download docs of type (3) for 
example) could be developed at a later stage.

Similar thing with PDF creation: nice idea, but most of the ReST docs 
are on docs.typo3.org anyway (docs from the TER, official TYPO3 docs, 
etc.), so if we would have a PDF generator on docs.typo3.org that would 
already be a big step forward.


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