[TYPO3-core] Issue handling

Alexander Opitz opitz at pluspol.info
Fri May 10 14:19:17 CEST 2013

Hi Jigal,

> A roadmap of fixes and features is rather impossible for a project that
> done by volunteers. You can put on your plans what you want, but in the
> end you can't force anybody to actually do it.

Yes I know, this isn't my first OS project.

> The best we can do is a roadmap of releases with the focus of each
> release or the theme of each release.
> That's why we still like to have a release every six months: if a
> feature didn't make it in time for feature freeze there is always a new
> release six months later.

That's fully ok, but as a User of TYPO3 CMS you need a plan, what may 

> You'll never know what will change. What has changed is documented in
> the Changelog file in each release (which is created from the git history).

So you need your changelog (or the wiki page of the release) and the 
issue tracker and on both you don't have links. ;-)
And you need an extra tool to drag the backports.
But maybe that multiple targets aren't possible with redmine.

So, last question (I've now in mind). If I have an issue that I can 
verify, change Status to Accepted or leave it on status New?

Greetings Alex//

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