[TYPO3-core] Login Form

Philipp Gampe philipp.gampe at typo3.org
Thu May 9 21:32:40 CEST 2013

Hi all,

I currently play around with my clone clone of the two factor auth extension 

The basic functionality is working, but it show some quite some flaws in the 
current auth process:

* There is no pre or post auth hooks.
* The first auth service with successful result result wins, now way to 
chain them on success
* The login template is hard-wired with EXT:openid and RSA login
* The hook for adding form fields only allows one hook to return a nonempty 
string, if this happens, then the code continues without chance for another 
hook to add fields

The question is now to add a field to the login page? Any suggestion how the 
code should be changed?
Add another hook (e.g. loginFormAdditionalFieldsHook)?

As authentication is rather sensitive, I wonder if there is a reason to make 
it so hard to extent this?

Currently the extension hangs itself the the postUserData Hook which works 
in general, but is not very nice.

Beside that I would be glad if someone could review this one which is also 
needed for the extension:

Best regards
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