[TYPO3-core] Releasing 6.1 Beta1

Alexander Opitz alexander.opitz at netresearch.de
Thu Mar 28 15:58:16 CET 2013


as the release isn't done yet, I'd like to vote for:

https://review.typo3.org/#/c/19245/ - Easy to fix the commit message.
https://review.typo3.org/#/c/19224/ - Only needs to be pushed
https://review.typo3.org/#/c/19206/ - Only needs to be pushed
https://review.typo3.org/#/c/19205/ - Fix from FAL sprint

Greetings Alex//

Benjamin Mack wrote:

> Hey everybody,
> I wanted to give you a quick heads up:
> I will do final reviews of pending features today, so that we will
> release the beta version of TYPO3 CMS 6.1 beta1 either today or tomorrow!
> If you have special features (!) that should be reviewed and/or merged
> before, let me know here.
> Also just to keep that on your radar: There is a review day coming up on
> saturday, which I will participate in. We could then review any other
> pending tasks and bugfixes then.
> All the best,
> Benni.

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