[TYPO3-core] MySQL to MySQLi: The "small change" way

Stefan Neufeind typo3.neufeind at speedpartner.de
Mon Mar 25 23:34:28 CET 2013


On 03/25/2013 11:03 PM, Loek Hilgersom wrote:
> On 25-03-13 20:00, Stefan Neufeind wrote:
>> Gentleman,
> Ladies (don't forget them, they exist) ;-) and Gentleman,

Good point. And sorry for that. I was about to write "hey folks" and
wanted to sound a bit more polite. It was not my intention to miss out
our female contributors, of which I'm proud we have them.

>> But I see this "small" change as a first step to "raise the bar" with
>> 6.1 to now require MySQLi - with a not too large change codewise.


> Good point, fully support it. But just to get things clear, do you see
> this as an intermediary solution before moving to something like
> Doctrine, or as a way to improve the db-connections for a longer time in
> the future?
> In the latter case, wouldn't PHP-PDO be a more powerful solution? (which
> could maybe replace parts of DBAL).

Well, either we keep MySQL (not MySQLi) for 6.1. Going straight for PDO
might imho not be a too easy task "now". Or we could go this way to
already make the move to MySQLi now - if we maybe later access it via
PDO or through a doctrine-layer or so is a different subject imho.

The MySQLi-function are quite identical and behave almost identical to
the ones from MySQL. So that's why I think that even at this point in
time it might be a possible way.

Kind regards,

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