[TYPO3-core] Announcing TYPO3 CMS 6.1.0 Alpha1

Alexander Opitz alexander.opitz at netresearch.de
Tue Mar 19 21:48:21 CET 2013


> b) I don't know the php internals, but it might be possible that the
> resetting is so expensive because the whole class and the properties are
> static.
> We could check if that is better if autoloader is an object instead:
> Solution could be similar to the pseudo singleton thing done with the
> bootstrap class (store own instance in static property gettable by
> single static method, everything else is non static). Unregister could
> then just set itself as a new instance, so resetting the internal (then:
> non-static) array is obsolete.
> Making the class loader non-static would be useful for other things as
> well and I've thought about that already multiple times, but didn't play
> with the code yet. Regarding backwards compatibility we won't have a big
> issues since it is handled by bootstrap only and thus internal code.

I tried it (yet) with PHP 5.3.23, will test tomorrow with 5.4.x.

In my test I used a static class and an instanced class, I also tried it 

$var = array();
$var = null;

For every variant, nothing changed. The only thing which changed the time 
was the size of the array.

Greetings Alex//

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