[TYPO3-core] Announcing TYPO3 CMS 6.1.0 Alpha1

Alexander Opitz alexander.opitz at netresearch.de
Tue Mar 19 18:03:23 CET 2013


> Class alias system eats some time, yes (mostly loading  of the cache file).

The cache file is loaded faster then the handling of the arrays. ;-)

> Possible solution: Do not load it at all. Instead, register another
> autoloader that is "at the end" of autoloading chain. If the class
> location has not been found yet, *this* will load the alias file to see
> if it can resolve the location.
> Effect: No class alias loading on instances that fully rely on new class
> scheme (and thus a performance improvement). The bc-layer could then
> also write a deprecation log entry to see which source required the
> class in question.

Yes, sounds better as the thing in my brain. Thats something we should 
focus on for TYPO3 6.2, maybe already for 6.1.

Greetings Alex//

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