[TYPO3-core] Announcing TYPO3 CMS 6.1.0 Alpha1

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Mon Mar 18 08:38:04 CET 2013

> How can we make the "other side" more aware about the needs (see? not
> demands) of the other side?
> Right now it is just a huge cat-fight while practically I thought we all
> were partners in crime and fighting for the same course.
> I am pretty amazed (in a bad way) about how hardened the fronts are
> right now.

Well - of course I can speak only for myself -  but I don't think it is 
that bad, and I don't even think there is "the other side", thus no 
hardened fronts as well. There are just different opinions about what 
should be important or not, and there is a discussion going on, which is 
usually a good thing, as long as these discussions lead to a somehow 
productive output.

Currently the outcome for me is, that I already did some profiling and 
will do more after we finished the Grid Elements project. As Christian 
already mentioned, he is looking forward to the resulting patches, so I 
guess it will be no big deal to get them in, if they are not breaking 
existing behaviour (which BTW was the case with one of my last patches 
he merged, sorry - my fault)

First results are, that we are currently wasting a lot of time with 
finding and replacing strings especially during the class mapping, so it 
seems to be a good idea to introduce some caching there. But this will 
be another topic and does not belong here.

After all the goal should be to get a blazing fast LTS version, so 
people can rely on it the same way they can rely on 4.5 now. So as 
already mentioned in this thread: Actually it is no big deal, if the 
current stable version is slower than the LTS, since we fortunately 
still got that LTS for more than a year.

The only thing I would like to be changed one day is: It should be 
possible to just do the research and deliver profiling results without 
having to deliver a patch, since there are lots of QA people out there, 
who would be able to find the symptoms but not to fix the causes. Still 
their results should be taken into account by the guys who know how to 
code "by the book" :-)

Just my 2 cents for now



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