[TYPO3-core] Provide default values for created records

Thomas Löffler loeffler at spooner-web.de
Fri Mar 8 10:23:07 CET 2013

Am 08.03.2013 10:08, schrieb Sebastian Michaelsen:
> Let's say you have an IRRE fields that hold's tt_content records and 
> in this context mostly you want to use the "Image" CE.
> AFAIK there is no possibility to provide default values for IRRE 
> fields. So I'd like to introduce 'foreign_table_defaultValues' as new 
> option for 'inline' elements (the naming of the new option might be 
> improved):
> config => array(
>  'type' => 'inline',
>  'foreign_table' => 'tt_content',
>  'foreign_table_defaultValues' => array(
>    'CType' => 'image'
>  ),
> )
> Please tell me if i'm missing something and this can already be 
> achieved somehow.
> What do you think about such a feature?

I don't know that this case is possible, but if, I would +1 such a feature.
Nice idea!

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