[TYPO3-core] PHP version requirement

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Mon Mar 4 09:05:23 CET 2013

>>> If you have to upgrade hundreds of thousands of servers and clients of
>>> your intranet with every new version of OS, browser, you name it - even
>>> if an upgrade will take just a few minutes - this will cost you a seven
>>> digit amount per upgrade. This is why it has to be avoided wherever
>>> possible until the end of lifetime of the software.
>> If you stick to standard, then updates are not such a big hassle. Only if
>> you create some (insane?) special formats an procedures, you will face
>> expensive testing costs.
> I'm sad reading always the same discussions.
> We have 2 points:
> 	1. debian stable should be supported (with latest fixes)
> 	2. debian should use standard non backported packages of php.
> I think both points should be respected.

Debian stable was just one example, why it is important that the TYPO3 
core team sticks to the deprecation rules.

Having a new major version that allows breaking changes does not mean 
you are forced to break things by all means. And it definitely does not 
mean you should break your own rules.

And if the change is breaking a behaviour that has been recommended 
until 4.7 (i.e. how to implement a hook) this should still be announced 
early and then has to wait until the deprecation phase is over.

We had a similar problem after the user experience week in 2009, when 
everybody was eager to get in as much ExtJSified things as possible, 
without taking care of performance and functionality. Now it seems to be 
about Extbasified things, namespacing and what is called "clean code" 
with similar results.

Don't get me wrong, I can clearly see the advantages of these changes, 
but still they should be implemented more carefully and with the real 
world use cases of our target group in mind. And this target group 
simply does not care about clean code or namespacing, when this means, 
that major functionality is now missing, broken or considerably slower 
than before.



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