[TYPO3-core] Re: declare(encoding='UTF-8'); in extension config files

Sebastian Mendel info at sebastianmendel.de
Fri Mar 1 10:57:27 CET 2013

I understand all your reasons - but i do not understand why they count against this patch?

> They should/must follow the CGL and thus use UTF-8 encoding.
> It's not too hard to use UTF-8 in your extensions.

- they do
- no one is telling with this patch do not use UTF-8
- this patch is not against UTF-8
- this all is not about UTF-8 or encoding

it is about compatibility of TYPO3 caching caching feature with valid PHP code.

> These files should not contain strings with localized information; those should be references to locallang labels

This has nothing to do with l10n ... there are plenty more examples where you could get non asci-chars in your ext_-file

- weird third party libs that needs to be initialized
- non-asci db/table/field names

but this is not the point - these were only example against "ext_*.php should not have to be encoded strings in them" - it is irrelevant if the file includes "encoded" chars.

> Trying to support something that adds no real value, but only creates potential problems is not very sensible.

If i have a fully PHP compatible file which is also conforming to your CGL (there is no rule in your CGL that declare or use of utf-8 chars in functions, names, ... is forbidden anywhere in my Extension code) and TYPO3 is messing with these files for caching purposes it should do its best to avoid problems and be fully compatible with valid and clöean PHP files - if i do "magic" i must do it the proper way.

This all is not about coding standards it is about a TYPO3 feature breaks my code.

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