[TYPO3-core] sysext core/backend and tt_content handling

Bernhard Kraft kraft at web-consulting.at
Mon Jul 15 12:34:49 CEST 2013

Hello !

Just now, I have filed a bug about inproper handling of copy&paste in 
the page module (#50027).

I would like to provide a patch but I am unsure about the following:

Much of the copy&paste handling is done in sysext "core":

For this issue some special tweaks would have to get applied if the 
currently processed table is "tt_content" (sysext "cms")

The copy&paste gets initiated from within the pagemodule
(sysext "backend")

So where to add the appropriate code? Handle tt_content / colPos 
directly in "core" or create a hook and handle it in "cms" or "backend"?


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