[TYPO3-core] State of TYPO3 OpenID

Christian Weiske christian.weiske at netresearch.de
Tue Jul 9 11:20:18 CEST 2013

Hi all,

As some of you noticed did I spend some time with TYPO3's OpenID
implementation in the last month.

The original problem I faced was
> OpenID login does not work with Google
> http://forge.typo3.org/issues/25322
which - to me - sources from the wrong understanding of OpenID in the
TYPO3 source.
I made a patch to that issue that makes OpenID login work - not only for
the special case in which the ID given by the user equals the
claimed_id returned by the OpenID server, but also for the other cases
in which a generic provider-specific OpenID is given, and a
per-user claimed ID is returned. Google, Yahoo, StackExchange,
Verisign, MyOpenID and others support that way of logging in.

Unfortunately, Helmut Hummel thinks that we need two code branches to
support both login "methods" - which is wrong.

It'd be nice if you could review the patch.


An issue that arised when discussion #25322 was
> Wizard to add OpenID to backend user
> http://forge.typo3.org/issues/49310
which provides an "Add OpenID" button in the backend user settings
page. It makes it possible to actually use a dynamic Google OpenID with
TYPO3, since it changes for different domain names.

Philipp Gampe reviewed it, but it needs reviews and a merge in the core.


Registering new users directly from an OpenID login is not possible
currently. You have to rely on other extensions to do that for you, and
all of them use different OpenID libraries than the core.

I've opened another issue for it:
> OpenID login: automatically create backend user accounts
> http://forge.typo3.org/issues/44127

Despite the title (that I can't change), the patch adds two hooks to
the OpenID sysext:
- one to modify the data requested from the OpenID provider
- another one to modify the user record that has been tried to load
  from the database.

Using those two hooks, extensions are now able to hook into the OpenID
login process in both frontend and backend and automatically create
user accounts.

Nobody reviewed the patch yet, unfortunately.


I'd really like to see TYPO3 6.2 LTS have proper OpenID support.
Please review and discuss the patches.

Regards/Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Christian Weiske

-= Geeking around in the name of science since 1982 =-

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