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Steffen Gebert steffen.gebert at typo3.org
Sat Jan 26 10:53:43 CET 2013

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Hi Ernesto,

> So are tons of issues in the main core bug tracker also (invalid,
> duplicate ...). Do you think it is realistic that someone will go over
> the FAL issues from the separate tracker in short term?

yes, and we add another big amount?

As the issues are really, really old and FAL has been restructured
couple of times before integration, I guess that many of the issues
could just be closed as they don't apply. This just requires a quick
look by one of the persons in charge, I guess.

Kind regards

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Steffen Gebert
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On 1/23/13 9:26 AM, Ernesto Baschny [cron IT] wrote:
> Hi Steffen and all,
> Steffen Ritter schrieb am 22.01.2013 06:55:
>> we already have discussed that within the FAL and Release Team;
>> We have agreed that FAL now is integrated within the Core, "the whole
>> project" is responsible, and therefore the core-tracker fits.
>> The tracker within the FAL project is not closed yet, because someone
>> needs to go over the issues and move them. As Steffen G. pointed out:
>> many of them are not valid anymore, others are duplicates...
> So are tons of issues in the main core bug tracker also (invalid,
> duplicate ...). Do you think it is realistic that someone will go over
> the FAL issues from the separate tracker in short term?
> Otherwise I would simply merge the issues into the core main issue
> tracker, set the category to "file abstraction layer" and not wait until
> the cleanup is done. The cleanup can be done any time later.
> This way it also ensures that we minimize the potential of "new
> duplicate" issue reports due to having only one central place where to
> report (and search for) them.
> Regards,
> Ernesto
>> Steffen
>> Am 21.01.2013 14:53, schrieb Tobias Liebig:
>>> Hej,
>>> during my last week being the friendly ghost, I received a message from
>>> s/o in the community, which issue tracker might by the right on for FAL
>>> issues.
>>> On forge, there is a "standalone" project called
>>> "typo3v4-fileabstractionlayer" (subproject of "TYPO3 6.0 projects") [1]
>>> And there is a category "File Abstraction Layer (FAL)" in the main core
>>> issue tracker [2].
>>> Both of them have open issues filed.
>>> Is there a chance to make the project "typo3v4-fileabstractionlayer" a
>>> subproject of "FAL" and move all issues regarding FAL (from both places)
>>> into the issue tracker of that core subproject?
>>> I think this will increase the visibility of the fal issue tracker.
>>> Who can do that?
>>> What do you think?
>>> [1] http://forge.typo3.org/projects/typo3v4-fileabstractionlayer/issues
>>> [2] http://forge.typo3.org/projects/typo3v4-core/issues
>>> kind regards
>>>   Tobias
>>> P.S.: I CC'd the Team Lead of the FAL project to gain attention ;-)
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>>> Tobias Liebig
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