[TYPO3-core] 6.0.1 release anytime soon?

Ernesto Baschny ernesto.baschny at typo3.org
Fri Jan 25 15:49:21 CET 2013


François Suter schrieb am 25.01.2013 15:20:
> Hi,
>> Hasn't been before, but could be! I guess a mail to this list would
>> suffice, right?
> It would.
>> We just spontaneously decided thatyesterday.
> I guess "we" in this case is the release team meeting? The minutes used
> to be published, but that habit got dropped. I think it's quite
> unfortunate and should be revived (actually I seem to remember it's when
> Benni intended to do).

I guess there will.

There was no meeting, I just reminded in our release chat about "how
about releasing 6.0.1 anytime soon?". Olly agreed and noone was against
the plan.

I will expect Benni to do more communication work regarding 6.1 starting
the next weeks!


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