[TYPO3-core] Can't we drop all those "@todo Define visibility" annotations?

Georg Ringer typo3 at ringerge.org
Fri Jan 18 15:31:48 CET 2013


Am 18.01.2013 15:11, schrieb Sebastian Michaelsen:
> These properties and methods were already public implicitly when they
> had no flag and even if they were not meant for public use you cannot
> change them to non-public without the risk of breaking things. So public
> is the only reasonable visibility for them - why do we need those
> annotations then?

you mentioned the reaosn already yourself. As those function got no
flag, they have been changed to public but this shouldn't be the case

Therefore it is a todo which is absolutly correct. So someone should go
over the functions, check those and declare them protected if it makes
sense. This is the only way to be able to change internal things someday.


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