[TYPO3-core] Invitation Grid Elements 2.0 Code Sprint

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Fri Jan 4 13:50:58 CET 2013

>> Still we want to provide the other two features as well, but first we
>> have to make sure, people will get what they paid for.
> this confuses me a little bit: e.g. "fluid friendly rendering" was
> supported/bought 3 times, but you certainly can not deliver this feature 3
> times. i thought if the 30.000 were funded all features would be delivered
> regardless of how the amount was split between the features.

Well - maybe next time we will go for a slightly different approach with 
smaller chunks of equal values, making up a feature voting even with 
smaller amounts of sponsoring.

BTW: We described the whole calculation and other related things in the 
Q&A section here:

Of course we can not do a feature three times, but instead of just 1.5 
working days we now can use up to 4.5 working days for issues related to 
"fluid friendly rendering". In this special case it means: We can 
include more nice ways to get prerendered content into a templating 
engine like fluid. (i.e. smarty as requested by someone who sponsored 
the fluid feature + an additional free amount)

> i guess everybody would love to have drag and drop between pages - but 5000
> is a lot of money for one person/agency - so i guess some decided to go for
> a smaller amount even though they wanted to support the drag and drop
> feature.

We had 3 candidates who sponsored more than this amount but still 
decided to go for other features, they considered to be more important, 
or for a free support. I.e. one sponsor sends two coders to take care 
especially of GE + workspaces. So we've got about 10 working days just 
for workspace related issues.

So we might still work on the "D&D over the pagetree" feature, but first 
we have to deliver what people paid for, since as described in the Q&A 
they got an official contract with us for those specific features. 
Additionally we will release version 1.4 for TYPO3 versions 4.x with 
lots of bugfixes and new features. Then we have to make sure that 
version 2.0 will be running smoothly with TYPO3 version 6.x.

Hopefully there will be time and money left for the other two features :-)



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