[TYPO3-core] A-Badge for Extensions

Ludwig Rafelsberger ludwig.rafelsberger at gmx.at
Wed Dec 18 21:45:38 CET 2013

Hi all,

(now hopefully on the right topic)…

The document currently states
> PHP version
> ---
> Lower version requirements should be kept over versions with the
> exception that it may be raised if a newer version is considered  

Could you clarify that? Which "version" word(s) relate(s) to Extensions
and which to PHP?

Further, I like Georgs idea of referencing to already-existing
guidelines, but ATM to me the short-and-simple paragraphs – stating what
to do and what not – are more reachable than "just mentioned"
guidelines. Don't get me wrong - I favor those "external" guidelines,
but make sure to link them properly ;-)


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