[TYPO3-core] [TYPO3-dev] Announcing TYPO3 CMS 6.1.0rc1

Benjamin Mack benni at typo3.org
Thu Apr 25 10:30:18 CEST 2013

Dear TYPO3 enthusiasts,

we are in the final preparations for the upcoming stable version TYPO3
CMS 6.1.0. The TYPO3 Community has just released TYPO3 CMS 6.1.0rc1,
which is now ready for you to download. If there are no show stoppers
now, the final version will then published on April 30th.

The packages can be downloaded here:

MD5 file hashes:
84ef07c55a4af1a79978bf9cb1516146  blankpackage-6.1.0rc1.tar.gz
f0d9b2c3f663d96b72e7f059e672b1aa  blankpackage-6.1.0rc1.zip
b2bd6b202744d8fafde9592383cabb46  dummy-6.1.0rc1.tar.gz
c07269fcf8d5c5f5ae7fc701f452eae7  dummy-6.1.0rc1.zip
306dcd9b9315b940c216284f1e53ce3f  governmentpackage-6.1.0rc1.tar.gz
7b5340be43d309ac905eb45de65e548d  governmentpackage-6.1.0rc1.zip
b1bd5078ef7e8bc90830d45da4fc4d27  introductionpackage-6.1.0rc1.tar.gz
df43035eb1e6024b80c87c0735c51952  introductionpackage-6.1.0rc1.zip
5d75006229a872a261af96a26dc98bee  typo3_src+dummy-6.1.0rc1.zip
5cfcaf669ac3bad65074ea16cac6bd93  typo3_src-6.1.0rc1.tar.gz
a8579e8777a2516c0cc8d4203b5ee00f  typo3_src-6.1.0rc1.zip

Thanks go to everyone involved in making 6.1 happen!

All the best,

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