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Ernesto Baschny ernesto.baschny at typo3.org
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I forgot to add the "most important" link, which is where the mentioned
forms are also linked:


Keep this link with you and refer to it as the authoritative place for
the most up-to-date information.


Ernesto Baschny schrieb am 17.04.2013 16:29:
> Hi people,
> as you might know, there are certain activities within the TYPO3 CMS
> development for which you might be eligible of reimbursement of costs -
> like traveling to an "official" Code Sprint, participating in the T3DD etc.
> Please note the following important information if you are wanting to
> get money from the TYPO3 Association's "TYPO3 CMS Budget":
> 1) Who is eligible?
> Make sure your costs are covered by the TYPO3 CMS Budget in the first
> place. Usually the leader of such an event will inform you accordingly.
> If you are the organizer of such an event, please get in touch with me
> first to clarify the reimbursement modality.
> 2) What expenses are covered?
> a) Money you payed for transportation, hotel / lodging.  Read this file
> for more information on the details:
> http://association.typo3.org/fileadmin/documents/misc/110729_t3a-travel-expenses.pdf
> b) Payed timed work cannot be "reimbursed", it can only be "invoiced".
> Please get in touch with Olly Hader (Leader) or me before invoicing work
> time!
> 3) "Reimbursement" vs "Invoice"
> For getting back money for bills you payed (Hotel, Bahn, flight ticket,
> ...) , there are two ways:
> a) If you payed your expenses as a private person, you are eligible for
> getting a simple "Reimbursement". You will be able to get the GROSS
> (Brutto) value payed back from the T3A (including VAT / MwSt).
> Please use *this form* to request an Reimbursement:
> http://association.typo3.org/uploads/media/111012_t3a-reimbursemant.ods
> b) If you or your employee need to write an INVOICE ("Rechnung"), it
> means that this company / individual will be paying taxes for this
> income. The attached bills are then just informational to us, as the
> (european) company will usually get the VAT/MwSt back from the finance
> authority (Finanzamt).
> Just write your invoice, but bill us only the NET (Netto) value
> (excluding the VAT/MwSt). Please note that the company writing the
> invoice is responsible for writing a correct invoice and handling all
> the tax-paying business themselves, we cannot give support on that.
> 4) Formalities
> In both cases, we need a single PDF containing everything: the
> reimbursement cover letter OR your invoice, and then all relevant bills.
> Send these in a mail to the event organizer or team leader and to me.
> The differentiation in (3) is lately causing some reimbursement requests
> to be rejected by the T3A (e.g. Invoiced billing the *GROSS* value of
> the bills => no go). This hasn't been handled very consistently in the
> past. Which is why I came up in writing this "short" FAQ. :)
> If you have any question, please don't hesitate to ask.
> Kind regards,
> Ernesto Baschny

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