[TYPO3-core] Strategy for deprecation log

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Wed Apr 3 13:28:54 CEST 2013

>> A fresh install is of course in dev mode. But the visual sign should be
>> so obvious that no client accepts it when the site is launched.
> This is very developer-centric point of view. Why? I would say a fresh
> install is in production mode! Fast and without any nasty warnings,
> debug error messages, etc. It's clean and people can just "use it"!
> If someone wants to debug some extension, is planning to upgrade, or has
> some trouble and needs more logging, he knows what he's doing (or will
> ask some developer friend or the community) and can then enable the
> "developer-mode".
> Let's try to make TYPO3 simple for the average user!


actually it should be +10 ;-)

Many average users don't even know about the deprecation log being 
active by default.
After a while they run into problems due to the logfile being too big 
for the available disk space of their shared hosting environment.

One example: I've seen huge deprecation logs even with a native 
introduction package due to some of the extension using a deprecated way 
to provide their icons.



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