[TYPO3-core] Strategy for deprecation log

bernd wilke t3ng at bernd-wilke.net
Wed Apr 3 11:16:44 CEST 2013

Am 03.04.2013 10:35, schrieb Patrick Broens:
> Hi,
>>> I would like to have some more informations with the pure entry:
>>> last occurence,
>>> first occurence,
>>> number of occurences
>> Just out of curiosity: Why do you need that information?
>> In my experience, all I ever needed was:
>> - Which deprecated methods is called
>> - Where is it called
> I was thinking the same. Although I can imagine it might be useful when
> the modification time of the file is changed by touching it each time
> the deprecated method is called from a certain place. Then you know this
> warning is still relevant in time or not.
so all deprecations should be recolved it might give a hint which 
deprecatiosn should be solved first, as they occur more often.

otherwise this information may be relevant to check against times of 
updates, installation, deinstalltion

the information of "deprecation has occured last 5 month ago" gives no 
hint, wether the deprecation has been solved or wether it occurs only 
very seldom. This may be deduced from number and time intervall.

and BTW:
we may have filters which deprecations should be ignored:

for everyone not involved in coredeveleopment a deprecation warnings 
from the core are irrelevant as they will be resolved with a comming 

deprecations from foreign extensions which are maintained, but not 
updated each week can be ignored, as an update is not my work and 
propably will come anyway.


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