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Mon Oct 1 01:19:54 CEST 2012

current branch (like 6.2 or so) but also stating that there will never
ever be a new branch opened and all contributions which are no "bugfix"
be rejected. Of course this is an over-interpretation of that you
intended to say - but should stress what your definition of "feature
complete" might lead to.
If there comes the time when some current core-members don't want to
continue working on that project that's their free choice. But some
others might want to pick up.

Imho just don't over-complicate things by (trying to) put any kind of
"force" into this all. I don't think that will work out.
Accept that free people will make a free choice. Luckily they have that
in the open-source-world with our chosen licenses, and I really
appreciate that.

And to add a final note refering to Neos:
Yes, I'm also very interested in learning more about Neos, trying it out
and maybe using it for projects when the time is right. Currently I
think it unfortunately lacks features in some areas (no surprise). But
it also already got quite some nice things to offer.

Kind regards,

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