[TYPO3-core] Still "global" extensions?

Stefan Geith typo3dev2012.nospam1 at geithware.de
Tue Oct 30 10:12:31 CET 2012


Am 29.10.2012 23:54, schrieb Jigal van Hemert:
>> The question just came up whether still the functionality of "global"
>> extensions is around.
> [...]
> There seem to be quite some installations in the real world which use
> global extensions. There is no real burden in keeping that possibility.

Oh yes, please keep the functionallity of having global extensions:

- No need to install them with EM, so all is fine even with
   the "New New" EM in 6.0, that only supports local install.
- I use this feature heavily in many installations.
- The directory typo3/ext could be removed from GIT and
   the distributions: who needs it, could easily create it.
- For development I personally use a symlink to include my
   ext-dev-Directory to typo3/ext, so I can test my plugins with the
   _same_ code in different TYPO3 versions and installations.

Just my 2ct ...


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