[TYPO3-core] Is there a FAL "migration" guide for extensions?

Tolleiv Nietsch tolleiv.nietsch at typo3.org
Mon Oct 22 10:44:04 CEST 2012


as "promised" - here are the few things I think which should be covered 
in the developers section of the tbw manual:

* Which API should be used when the developer is presented with a 
reference like this: "file:42" // That's possible through the "file" 
mode in the link wizard.

* Which one when the reference looks like this: 
"23:/default/folder/bar.foo" // That's e.g. possible in the context 
menus in the media module.

* How can a remote file be used, to read or write content, from within 
an extension. (Pointing to FileInterface::getForLocalProcessing.)

* How should the TCA look like for a field which is supposed to use FAL.

* How should old file (a.k.a typolink which "file" limit) fields be 

Of course developers will be able to figure that out themselves from the 
code within the Core, but actually I think that's really what the 
documentation should cover to make sure nobody draws wrong conclusions.


Tolleiv Nietsch schrieb:
> Hi,
> as I currently try to get TemplaVoila somehow 6.0 "ready" I found that
> every extension with file related functionality (and some Core
> interaction) might need some kind of migration guide.
> Explaining how to use the new API, how to deal with remote file, how to
> deal with local ones, how to reference files properly, how to migrate
> these references,...
> What I was able to find was [1] - which contains what the migration
> wizards will do - but doesn't explain what extension developers should
> do. So do we have any further information on that somewhere?
> Cheers,
> Tolleiv
> [1] -
> http://forge.typo3.org/projects/typo3v4-fileabstractionlayer/wiki/Migration

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