[TYPO3-core] Page module update/upgrade

Lars Peipmann Lars at Peipmann.de
Fri Oct 12 23:53:30 CEST 2012

Hi TYPO3 community,

my name is Lars Peipmann and I am studying media informatics at the 
Media University in Stuttgart, Germany. I have already passed all exams 
and need to write my bachelor thesis to finish my studies.

In search of a topic for my bachelor thesis I talked with Benni Mack and 
Helmut Hummel. They suggested me to rethink the page module in TYPO3 CMS.

In a short brainstorming we had those steps in mind (ToDo list v0.1 alpha):
1) Collect existing discussions/ideas/snippets/extensions (e.g. 
2) Check possibility to create a own (system) extension for the page module
3) Check possibility to render the page module with Fluid and Extbase
4) Change the layout (Close work with the Usability Team)
    a) Translation view (like in TemplaVoila?)
    b) Responsive Design? (With Bootstrap?)
    c) ..
5) Add additional functions
    a) Drag & Drop (Create new content element by dragging images or 
strings into the page module?)
    b) Better breadcrumbs (like in Coda 2?)
    c) Variable content rendering in page module (definable in every 
    d) Nested content elements
    e) ..

It is not possible to do those steps myself, but I would love to 
coordinate them, to plan/document them (my thesis) and to develop parts 
of it.. And I guess step 1, 2 and 3 are already enough for a bachelor 
thesis, but I think it's good to have more features in mind.

@JoH asenau, do you think we can cooperate with your gridelements2 
@ben van't ende, are there any meetings I should/can attend to?

Besides my study I am working for cron IT GmbH in Stuttgart. Ernesto 
Baschny (Release Manager for v4.5) leads this company and he supports me 
with my thesis.

What do you think about this thesis topic and the list of steps? Do you 
have suggestions of any kind, wishes for additional functions or general 
concerns? Would you like to help?

If no major concerns appear, I would like to start next week and I hope 
we are able to provide something great for TYPO3 CMS v6.1.

Thanks and best, Lars


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