[TYPO3-core] Backporting to maintenance branches

Christian Kuhn lolli at schwarzbu.ch
Tue Oct 9 20:34:56 CEST 2012

Hey there,

I'd like to discuss / remind to our general backporting procedure:

If a patch is merged in master, but also targeted as bugfix to other 
branches, it would be great, if the core team member who merged the 
master version takes care of other branches, too.

- The person who merged it knows the patch, its implications, just 
tested it, has some interest in the patch, has possible side effects and 
test details in mind.
- It takes less time if patches for other branches are created quickly 
after merge to master.
- It is less error prone if a core member takes care of the backporting, 
and if it is done immediately after merging in master.
- Chances are low that backports are just forgotten after a while, so 
users do not complain "why is this not merged in .."
- Patches that are done-done and merged to all branches can be 
forgotten, do not waste 'has-to-be-done' brain capacity, do not nag 
release managers and people affected by the issue ...
- If the person who merged the master patch in the first place knows 
that he will have to deal with the backports too, it is more likely that 
he will think a bit more if the backport for all branches is really 
required. For example most patches are currently requested for 4.5 and 
4.6, but 4.6 will be out of support shortly and we could discard the one 
or the other non-critical bugfix for 4.5, too.

I know that backporting, pushing and merging takes some time and is 
often not too much fun, but doing so for all branches can often be done 
in less than 20 minutes for the vast majority of bugfixes with its some 
lines and often only one or two patch hunks, even if automatic 
cherry-picking fails. Not taking care of backports usually just wastes 
more time of some other poor guy ...

It general I'd say it's the task of the core member who merged to master 
to also take care of other branches in a timely manner.


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