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could sb. please sum up the discussion?

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On 9/19/12 11:47 AM, Andy Grunwald [wmdb] wrote:
> Hey @all,
> since January 2011, TYPO3 got his first Long Term Support (LTS) version.
> This was a very good step to get "deeper" in the "enterprise" section.
> Many companies rely on this version and bigger customers got a planning
> reliability till April, 2014.
> Of course, the "small" disadvantage for developers is the "old" and
> "still maintaining" code. But hey, for many customers, this version is
> good. They don`t need new features.
> In general in my opinion: The first LTS was a good choice! Thumbs up to
> all people which was involved in this process.
> Now we got September 2012.
> The next version of our lovely CMS (6.0) is just around the corner.
> With the release of 6.0 there is no reason to use our TYPO3 4.5 further,
> because both versions got the same "End of maintenance" date. This is
> only valid for new starting projects.
> Older projects which run on TYPO3 4.5 don`t have the need to update till
> April, 2014.
> With this information in mind, i ask myself if there will be a new LTS
> version. If yes, when there will be some official information /
> statement about this?
> Are they any official (!) information about this out there?
> Why is this so important:
> * Budget planning: Some companies got bigger customers (like a big /
> worldwide concern). Those companies got every year budget planning for
> there internal departments. This have to plan early!
> * Transition time: To release a new LTS version without a transition
> time from the old to the new one wont be a idea. Not every company /
> customer is the position to upgrade immediately their TYPO3
> installations. So they must be a transition time (1 year? 1/2 year?)
> between those two LTS versions.
> And why was this posted to the mailinglist and the community and not via
> email to the release team?
> Because i want to get your voices into it.
> I want to know if i`m the only one with this thoughts or are they other
> people who think in the same direction.
> Perhaps the TYPO3 (Marketing, Release, Plannung, whatever)-Team creates
> an officical statement / roadmap for this LTS plan.
> Love you <3
> All the best,
> Andy
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